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About Tony and Julie 

My name is Tony Burgess. I’ve been helping people therapeutically since 1996 and have positively touched the lives of thousands of people over more than two decades. 
I have also been heavily involved in training other therapists, coaches and change facilitators, nationally and internationally for over 10 years now, teaching them to use a wide range of powerful techniques and approaches so they too can help their clients more effectively. 
I have an Honours degree in Psychology from the University of Birmingham as well as being a trained therapist and having many years of practical therapeutic experience under my belt. The main methods I now use to help people suffering from unhelpful emotional responses to traumatic events are Havening Techniques® and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) which are a particularly powerful blend when used together. I was one of the very first people in the world to be made a Certifed Havening Techniques® Practitioner by the co-developers of the methodology, Drs Ron and Steven Ruden. I was also one of the first (globally) to be made a Certified Havening Techniques Trainer, which means I'm approved by the Drs to train others to become Certified Practitioners. I was also honoured to have been appointed Head of UK and Europe for Havening Techniques in 2014 and stayed in role until April 2017. I've also been involved in personally training many of the wonderful individuals that make up the global team of Havening Techniques Certified Trainers. 
See a youtube video on my own journey with Havening Techniques. 
Dr Ron Ruden (left) and Tony Burgess (right)
Dr Ron Ruden (left) and Tony Burgess (right) 
My partner, Julie and I have a total passion for helping people to get their lives back when things have gone wrong. It’s so rewarding to see someone become free (at last) to start really living again – they come alive and start to shine and that affects everything.  
Our clients have experienced and reported that the Havening Techniques combined with Neuro Linguistic Programming are really effective for achieving such outcomes. 
I've worked with people in a wide range of therapeutic areas over the years. Now I choose to focus most of my therapeutic work on helping people to become free from their past trauma experiences because the benefits of recovery for such clients are so significant and I can usually help make this happen surprisingly quickly. 
My partner, Julie French, is also fully trained in NLP and in Havening Techniques and is available to do one-to-one work with clients. If your preference is to work with a highly skilled female therapist, we can arrange for Julie to be the person that you work with. Julie's Certified Practitioner profile can be viewed here 
Julie French
Julie French 
In addition to our coaching and therapy delivery, Julie (my partner) and I are authors, trainers and professional speakers. We are the founding Directors of Academy of High Achievers Ltd ( and 'Ditch Your Trauma' is the therapeutic division of this company. We juggle the delivery of a lot of different types of change work during our day-to-day working lives (we love the variety of inspiring and helping people in lots of different ways) and one of the most rewarding strands to our day-to-day activities has always been our therapeutic work. 
We are based in Stafford (Staffordshire, UK) and also have a base in southern Spain where we work for 70+ days during the Winter season.  
We love being involved in purposeful work and enjoy soaking up the massive value that life has to offer whilst helping others to do the same. We are strong advocates of ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ (see for nourishing the soul and we understand the importance of proactively living with love, gratitude and compassion as key ingredients of a fulfilling life. 
We look forward to meeting you! 
Tony Burgess & Julie French speaking at conference
Tony Burgess and Julie French  
speaking at a conference. 
Tony delivering training in Spain. 
Are you a Therapist or Coach interested in Havening Techniques? 
Practitioner training programmes are available for Havening Techniques 
Tony Burgess and Julie French are certified practitioners of Havening Techniques. Havening Techniques is a registered trademark of Ronald Ruden, 15 East 91st Street, New York. 
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